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Mayor Tom Mulligan
Mayor Tom Mulligan

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From the Desk of Mayor Mulligan

Happy New Year! Thank you for allowing me to represent Rockaway Borough as Mayor.

As we jump into my vision for 2020 and beyond, my mindset from the start is that government needs to run as efficiently as possible, which includes budgeting, staffing, as well as a focus on the prioritization of any operations where needed. It is imperative that our policies at the municipal level lessen our overall tax burden, enhance our quality of life and protect Rockaway Borough property values. As Mayor, this needs to be accomplished while continuing to deliver responsive and quality services to each one of our residents. We need to create an environment that promotes growth.

We need to continue to look for ratable businesses coming into town to supplement our tax base. To do that, we need to be an active partner with our Town planner, Business Association and building landlords to create incentives to attract tenants.

Property taxation and school funding are closely linked with more than half of all property tax revenue used for public elementary and secondary education. Local government does have a role in working with the school boards in the mitigation of tax increases combined with reduced funding. We need to assist school boards in their budgetary discussions that could have an upwind effect on the tax burden in Rockaway Borough.

We will continually review Municipal contracts and ensure the best interests of the Borough are being represented. This includes review of the support from our Municipal professionals and inspectors to ensure appropriate coverage and time spent to fill the needs of the Borough.

One thing for certain is that our emergency services, Police, Fire, and Public Works will continue to have our full support and any provisions that make our community a safe place to live. Stop by Town Hall to meet our Municipal Staff who are ready and willing to help you with any question or need you may have.

Seniors are a huge part of our community, many of whom are life-long residents, past volunteers, town workers, and are the current foundation on which this town is built. A priority will be looking at possible incentives to sustain a quality of life in the economic challenges in which will all are affected.

Rockaway Borough is a vibrant and community orientated town full of activity. The schools are overflowing with extracurricular activities to encompass a wide range of interests. The recreation program covers all major youth sports and if for some reason it isn’t offered right here in the Borough, we can find it close by. Recreation also offers trips and adult programs. Our recreational facilities are abundant, among those are Donatoni and Heady Park, Friendship, Smith and TJ Fields, Parks Lake and the Rockaway River. Every night driving by any of these facilities you will see plenty of action from youth sporting activities, fishing, folks walking around the lake. Rockaway Borough is a community where I am happy to raise my family in a safe and nurturing environment.

All the Best in 2020!

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